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Maceo brown, founder of maceo’s kids

We must teach our kids to exceed the accomplishments of those who came before them

I believe in giving back to the community. In 2007, I founded MACEO’s (Mentoring Aspiring CEO’s) Kids Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that was created to bring intelligent, compassionate and dedicated members of the business community together in pursuit of providing youth the opportunities and tools to grow as successful members of society. This mission is critical to the stabilization and growth of our communities.

The MACEO’s Kids Foundation seeks to pair African American youth with mentors in an effort to foster an entrepreneurial spirit. Through our Foundation, young men and women are learning the importance of economic empowerment, community development and enrichment; key necessities our participants need to start, grow and maintain their very own businesses.


We Can Build a Brighter Future​

Maceo’s Kids is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to Mentoring Aspiring CEOs. Maceo’s Kids’ mission is to provide educational programs for the purpose of improving the capability of youth to make a confident career path decision that will provide them with hands-on experience to become successful entrepreneurs. 

Maceo’s Kids aims to raise funds through various charity events like our annual golf classic so that we can help these young individuals gain access to the resources, skills, and knowledge they need to start their own businesses and become self-sufficient. The goal is to empower these youth and provide them with a path to financial stability and independence. By encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship, we hope to create a ripple effect that will not only help these young individuals but also benefit their families and the wider community.

Maceo’s Kids focuses on improving the economic outcomes for the at-risk African American youth in our community, by providing them with the resources, education, and support services they need to become successful entrepreneurs and contribute to their communities.


— Our Mission

The mission of Maceo’s Kids is to support at-risk African American youth by providing them with opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs. The goal is to empower these youth and provide them with a path to financial stability and independence.


— Our Vision

Through mentorship, workshops, and training programs, our aim is to equip the youth in our community with the tools and knowledge they need to launch and grow their own businesses.


— Our Story

A significant percentage of our youth is not seeking collegiate education for a various reasons. We seek to provide them alternatives that allow them to be productive citizens in the community



Help us be the change that we hope to see in our young people.

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