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Mentoring Aspiring CEO’s

Maceo’s Kids support and invest in the bright young minds in our community!

Maceo’s Kids is dedicated to Mentoring Aspiring CEO’s. Many of our students are stuck in a corner of their city that they perceive to be the whole world. It is only when they are removed from their everyday surroundings and brought to a different place that they are able to see broadened horizons and expanding opportunities.

Maceo’s Kids prepares and inspires motivated youth to transform their lives, strengthen our communities, and forge paths to real and lasting success.



— Our Mission

We support at-risk African American youth by providing them with opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs.


— Our Vision

Through mentorship, workshops, and training programs, our aim to equip these youth with the tools they need to launch and grow their businesses.


— Our Story

Too many of our youth are not seeking collegiate education. Let’s provide them options that allow them to be productive citizens in the community


Judge Thelma Wyatt Moore

We need to continue direct our kids, letting them know what they are doing is meaningful and worthwhile. They can make substantial contributions to our society and be productive citizens. One way is the way Maceo’s Kids wants to direct them into entrepreneurship.

Maceo Brown, Founder and Board Chair

Teaching our kids to be entrepreneurs, teaching them a trade, is crucial in our community. Let’s give them another avenue, an opportunity, to understand how they can become productive citizens. We are convinced that we can go out and change the lives of these kids. Let’s make the difference.



Help us be the change that we hope to see in our young people.

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